KIRSI KURONEN                                                                                    CURRICULUM VITAE

Born 1965 in Pieksämäki  Finland


2013-2016          Solution Focused  Art therapist
2008                    Open University, Art therapy
2004                    Polytechnic of Tampere
1998-2001          Art school Maa, Visual artists
1997-1998          Snellman College


2017                    Library in Laajasalo ” Circus”- spring, paintings and sculptors, Helsinki, Finland

2014                    Taidekammari, “Anna kaikkien kukkien kukkia”, paintings and sculptors,               Savonlinna, Finland
2013                    Poleeni Centre of Culture,” In Speed”, paintings and sculptures, Pieksämäki, Finland
2010                    Art Hall of Porvoo, “Confesssion” paintings, Porvoo, Finland
2008                    Gallery Restaurant Wellamo, “Diary” II, Helsinki, Finland 
2007                    Gallery Majakka, ”Diary”,paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2007                    Restaurant Chapman, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2006                    Café Aalto, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2006                    Café Engel, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2006                    Station of  Myllypuro, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2005                    Gallery  Ulaani, ” Circus of life”, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2004                    Café Carusel, “Spirit of ice”, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2004                    The library in Laajasalo, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2004                    Gallery  Marski, “Levitation”, paintings, Porvoo, Finland
2001                    Peijas´s hospital, paintings, Vantaa, Finland
2001                    Suursuo hospital, paintings, Vantaa, Finland
2001                    Café at Naistenklinikka  hospital, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2001                    Gallery Newart, “Garden in Eva”, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
1998                    Library in Laajasalo, “Colours”, Helsinki, Finland


2017                    Stoa House of Cultural, “Roihua!”,  Art Quarter association of Roihupelto, Helsinki

2014                    Gallery Rantakasarmi,”Kriisi”-autumn exhibition of Artists  accociation of Helsinki, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2013                    Stoa House of Cultural,” Light”-summer exhibition of Artists  association of Helsinki, paintings, Finland
2010                    Laru -Environment art exhibition, Meditation-evironment work, Helsinki
2009                    Gallery Rantakasarmi ,”Eläimellistä”-summer exhibition of Artists accociation  of Helsinki,paintings, Finland 
2008                    Taidekeskus  Hovinkartano, “Summer exhibition”, paintings, Hauho 
2008                    Gallery Rantakasarmi,  Ajassa kiinni”-summer exhibition of Artists  association of Helsinki, paintings, Finland 
2007                    Gallery  Katariina, ”I love Helsinki-summer exhibition of Artists association of Helsinki, paintings, Helsinki
2006                    Gallery Katariina, “Erotique”-summer exhibition of Artists association of Helsinki, paintings. Helsinki, Finland


2001                    Art school  Maa, “Thesis exhibition”, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2000                    Push Firm beige, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2000                    Art school  Maa, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
2000                    Café Merlot, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
1998                    Art school Maa, “Spring exhibition”, paintings Helsinki
1997                    Snellman  College, “Thesis exhibition”, paintings, Helsinki,  Finland


2016-18-             Art therapist/art teacher pictures  Group of paintings, adults, Helsinki
2015                    Art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry, adults, Helsinki
2014                    Art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry, adults, Helsinki
2013                    Art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry, adults, Helsinki
2012                    Art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry, adults,  Helsinki,
2011                    Art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry,  adults, Helsinki,
2010                    Art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry, adults,  Helsinki,
2009                    Art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry, adults,  Helsinki,
2008                    Artist/art teacher, Hospital of psychiatry, adults, Helsinki
2006                    Urban II, art teacher, City of Helsinki, kids and old people
2003                    Paintings course in summer, kids and adults
2003                    City of Helsinki, art teacher in day care and house of attendance


2016                    Art Quater associaton of Roihupelto

2005                    Members of Artist Association of Helsinki
2003-2013          Finnish Painters Union (candidate)


2002-2018          Private homes, paintings and sculptores, Finland
2008                    Aurora hospital, two paintings, Helsinki
2006                    Stockmann Oyj, paintings, Helsinki


2013                    City of Pieksämäki
2012                    The Finnish Art`s council


Gunillantie 22 A 13, 00870 HELSINKI, Finland      phone +358 50 34 89